Community- Giving Back

See our gallery above of baskets we have donated to various local causes!


It all started when...

native son of SLO, Tom Gonyer and his wife Gretchen opened the Crushed Grape in 1986, along with their four children, Russell, Wyatt, Brittany and Rhett. Family owned and operated all this time!

Sending Smiles across the miles daily!

There is no gift too BIG or too small. We love to help you with your shopping and gift choices.

Come see us at our location in the SLO Promenade and take a peek at what we have inside. Whether you are looking  for a classic wine opener or that perfect Pinot, or perhaps a picnic basket for the beach- we have what you are looking for!

How about a souvenir for someone new to the area? You can find it here along with all the most fabulous SLO town must haves!

Celebrating our 32nd year...

the Crushed Grape has been sending out the happiest of gifts filled with our counties' vast array of wines and foods from ranches, farms and vineyards.

Our mission is...

to showcase the most flavorful and creative baskets and combine them with the friendliest customer service in town, all while giving back to our community with various basket donations throughout the year.